Deeply Absurd Chain – Absurdly Clever Puzzle!

Regular stone -> Warm-blooded stone -> Not very clever life form -> Stupidly cute young creature -> … Can you continue this chain?

This is infinite puzzle. It is simple, clever and addicting – everything that a good puzzle needs! While rules are simple you should master the strategy that will allow you to discover the entire Deeply Absurd Chain!





Make Damn Little Town Better!

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***Announcement ***

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Thank You!

Damn Little Town. Basic Rules

Damn Little Town

You can learn the basic rules of the game here. As you may know the game consists of two phases: the Build Phase and the Escape Phase.

I. The Build Phase

Build your Little Town!

On each turn, a player draws a new terrain tile and places it adjacent to tiles already on the board. Each tile must be placed so that it extends existing tiles:

  • Road to road;
  • Field to field;
  • Building to building.


In the corners of the board, there are four temples. You must build paths to the temples. These paths will be extremely useful in the Escape Phase.


After placing a Building Tile, a player may put a settler on the tile. There are few rules:

  • You can put settler on a tile if a building isn’t yet occupied by another player:


  • But if there are three or more settlers, then the building is overpopulated, and you can also place your settler there:


After several turns, you will encounter random holes in the ground. This means that your Little Town is corrupt.

Evil is coming…


The first phase ends when the last tile from the deck is placed on the board.

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